“12 Preludes”: A guided sound tour

During a one-week long residency module at Cittadellarte/Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella, Italy) in Summer 2017 I engaged with the reserve of Oasi Zegna and produced a booklet called 12 Preludes.


The objective of this booklet, available here for downloadis to provide the trekker with a sort of sound walk, which doesn’t only imply the act of listening to the landscape, but calls for actions to be performed in specific places.

UNIDEE_Caretto_Spagna_Oasi Zegna-14.jpg

(Photo credits: UNIDEE)

Twelve locations, spanning the path that connects Bocchetto Sessera to Artignaga, are pinned on this map, which is a complement to the booklet:

The trekker is asked to locate the different spots thanks to his smartphone, reach them and then perform certain actions such as looking, listening, using her/his hands to modify the perception of the soundscape, solve an equation, singing/whistling, imagining…


  1. Download the guide in PDF here;
  2. Print it in A5 format, being sure not to resize the pages (Scale=100%); or keep it on your phone (in this case page number 10 cannot be used to as a measuring tool);
  3. Access your map on your smartphone* and, if you like, use your GPS to navigate through the twelve checkpoints. One “prelude” is dedicated to each checkpoint.
  4. Start your trip!
* There should be a free wi-fi connection at Bocchetto Sessera.


(Photo credits: UNIDEE)

This work was produced in the frame of the residency module:
“Expanded Body. An immersive exploration of the Oasi Zegna”
Mentors: Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna
June 26th – July 3rd, 2017 UNIDEE – University of Ideas
Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella
Thanks to: Philip Cartelli, Annalisa Zegna



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