Prelude no. 6 – “The Waterfall Speaks”

Wind blowing through tree branches produces a natural white-noise filtering effect, similar to what you can do with band-reject and band-pass filters, and subtractive synthesis.

This is also what the trekker is asked to do here. The waterfall produces a sound which is very close to white-noise, and it takes only two hands and two ears to modulate a physical subtractive filter.

By opening and closing your ears at different angles, you can transform the sound of the waterfall into different vowel-like timbres, creating your own minimal performance in duo with the water.

no_06 copia

The checkpoint is shown on this map:

This prelude belongs to “12 Preludes“, a guide for an active sound walk from Bocchetto Sessera to Aritgnaga, on the Italian Alps. Click here to download the full booklet.¬†


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